How Do I Place an Order

Simply find the product you wish to purchase and click "ADD TO CART" 

When you are done shopping you can VIEW CART and then CHECK OUT 

How Long Does Production Take

Our turnaround time varies during the course of the year depending on the current workload. Turnaround times vary from 1- 14 working days and we do have a Priority Service option which varies between sameday and 5 working days.

Please note that there is a cut-off date for Christmas orders which is usually the first Wednesday in December.

How Much Does Delivery Cost

Our shipping fees work on a sliding scale based on the value of your order: Please see Shipping Policy.

How Long Does Delivery Take

Shipping usually takes between 1 and 3 working days depending on destination. (Add an extra day for outlying areas)

We can arrange overnight delivery at an additional cost, simply give us a call - 0723457136

Can I Collect My Order?

Yes you can please make contact with us at if you’re based in Cape Town, 1 Wild Olive road, Unit 8, The Studios, Atlas Gardens, Contermanskloof Rd, Cape Farms, Cape Town, 7550 - we will set up a manual order for you to waver the delivery costs.

How Do I Clean My Canvas

The canvases are quite durable and should resist most scratches, smudges, fingerprints, etc. You can dust canvases with a soft, dry cloth. If your canvas is damaged and needs deeper cleaning you may try a damp cloth. If the canvas gets nicked and loses ink in a certain areas it can be touched up with felt-tip markers or paint.

How Will The Canvas Hold Up Outdoors

The unique construction and coating provide superior color gamut and resolution. Canvases are only intended for indoor use, and will resist fading if kept out of direct sunlight.

Photos: What Formats Would You Accept

We can work with all file formats.

How Long Do I Have Before I Need To Send Images

You have 12 months from the date you place the order to submit images.

What Sets Us Apart: Our Materials & Printers & Frames

We use poly-cotton canvas and our clients can choose between Matte or Glossy/Satin finish for an extra charge.

We use Epson Surecolour machines with only original inks!

We offer our clients a variety of frame depth options ranging from 15mm (Standard) to 50mm (Premium)

Larger sizes from A2 upwards are fitted with a hardboard backing for increased strength.

Refunds and Returns

Please have a look at our Refund Policy

Should you have any issue whatsoever with the final product, please send us an email right way so we can fix the problem! Please note you need to let us within 7 days of receiving your order.

In the email please describe exactly what you are not happy with, along with your order number and contact details.

Send the mail to

We will endeavor to send you a replacement within 72 hours, depending on how busy we are at the time.

If you are still not 100% satisfied with the replacement and have a valid reason, we will process a refund.

To enable a refund we will request your banking details via email.

Refund payments are processed within 7 days, are subject to managements final approval and 3% Payfast fees. (If you didn't EFT to us initially)

No refunds after 30 days of purchase.



Our prints come in various options, whether it be canvas sets, A4 or A3 up to A2s or photo paper which is excellent for DIY framing, as well as memory block canvas sets and framed canvas sets, these are all different price points.


What is a Wall Decal?

Our wall decals are made from a thin, self-adhesive vinyl material. We dont recommend they get moved once they’re stuck in their first position, they aren’t removable or repositionable, however they are really easy to peel off and remove. 

How long will the Wall Decals Stay Up?

The stickers should last up to 3 years indoors but are known to last much longer but this really depends on the state of your walls when you stick them. The exact timing is dependent on how environment conditions such as direct sunlight, heat, moisture, quality of wall paint and texture of wall etc. 

Are Wall Decals suitable for textured walls and surfaces?

We advise our customers to have dry smooth and clean walls at the time of sticking, so if freshly painted walls should wait for 2 weeks to dry before sticking. The decals are not really suitable for rough or bumpy surfaces. Also the walls should have no dust or first. The preparation of the walls and condition of the walls will be why the decals last. 

Will Wall Decals remove paint from my walls?

The wall stickers should not peel the paint off walls however it depends on the condition of the wall at the time of sticking. It also depends on how patient and gentle one is when removing the stickers to go slowly not to peel any paint off. 

Are Wall Decals safe for kids?

Our products are non-toxic, and are completely safe for children to play or decorate with.

How do I clean my wall stickers?

If you need to clean the walls and the stickers get grubby the best thing to use is very mild soap and a damp cloth, don’t use harsh chemicals. 

Can your wall stickers stand extreme temperatures?

If there is too much temperature fluctuation they will start to peel off.

Can you put wall stickers in the bathroom?

Our stickers could be stuck to bathroom walls just like any other wall which is clean, dry and smooth. They will withstand the damp from the bathroom as they have already stuck and bonded to the wall.